Keep Your Engine Running by Making Sure That Your Coolant System Is Maintained Properly

Your auto engine runs at temperatures that are not sustainable without the proper cooling systems in place. That is why we have all noticed the radiator under the hood of our car, truck, or SUV. But this system can't operate forever without a little maintenance of its own. And if you have ever had a cooling system failure, then you were surely on the side of the road. It's never fun.

The best thing that you can do for your coolant system is a flush. A flush involves first draining the system of the old coolant. A hose is then fitted to each end of the system, and it is power flushed. This process helps loosen and remove any built-up dirt, sludge, or rust. All things that you don't want to reside in your system. Once the flush is complete, all new clean coolant is added, and you're back out on the road.

If you haven't had any maintenance done on your coolant system in a while, then head on over to our service center here at Yarmon Ford Inc. in Paynesville, MN and let us perform one for you today.

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