How to Keep Your All-Wheel Drive Running Smoothly

Are you wondering how to keep your 4-wheel and all-wheel-drive system running smoothly? A big part of that is how your transfer case is working. A transfer case is integral to a 4-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle system, and when it's not working, you'll notice.

So how do you keep the system running smoothly? Like many components of a vehicle, changing the transfer case fluid on a regular basis will keep the gears turning properly. You see, the transfer case is the component of all-wheel and 4-wheel vehicles that shifts weight from one axle to the next. By changing the fluid on a regular basis, you will ensure that fluid that has become broken down will be replaced with fluid that will keep the transfer case lubricated.

If you're interested in doing some routine maintenance on your vehicle to ensure that your 4-wheel or all-wheel drive will be running in tip-top shape, come over to our service center at Yarmon Ford Inc., and we'll take a look for you.

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