The Ford Flex-- A Smooth Ride for Everyone in the Family

Three-row, midsize SUVs are a great way to travel in style and comfort for the whole family. The Ford Flex is leading the way in providing you and your crew with amazing options designed with your comfort in mind.

Comfort for the Driver

You're in complete control of your environment with the Ford Flex comfort features. 

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Check Out These Ford Fiesta ST Performance Features

What makes the Ford Fiesta ST a popular performance hatchback? Take one look at the performance features to get a better understanding why drivers are so excited about this vehicle.

One of the performance features in the new Fiesta ST that is helping drivers stay safe is the Hill Start Assist. If you have ever driven a stick shift auto on a hill, then you know the car will roll back when you switch from brake to gas. 

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Engine Choices in the Ford Explorer

The dynamic design of the Ford Explorer catches the eye and wraps a refined interior that accommodates up to seven. At the touch of a button, the available PowerFold® third-row seat folds flat into a level load floor so that you can load up on more cargo. Adding sophistication to the rear is the quad-tip exhaust.

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The Ford Taurus: The Technology Features Create a Great Experience

If you want to get the best experience possible out of your vehicle, then you also want to have the latest technology features. The popular Ford Taurus has some of the most useful technology features on the market today. This full-size sedan not only looks great, but it also has features that will make your life easier and safer.

Have you ever wished that opening your vehicle when your hands were full was easier? If you have, then you'll love the Intelligent Access system. With the fob on you, all you have to do is put your hand on…

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The Updated Ford Fusion Design is Sporty

Have you seen the latest designs from Ford for the 2018 Fusion? The grill in the front has gotten a total facelift. The sedan looks extremely modern and stylish with all new LED headlamps and foglight design as well. Ford has gone with some sportier upgrades as well, including a trim that comes with a spoiler. The design on the inside is all for comfort with cloth upholstery that can be upgraded to leather with the premium package.

The technology on the inside is pretty amazing as well. You'll get Ford's SYNC infotainment system at the base that…

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Learning the Difference in Towing vs. Payload Capacity

?If you still get confused when talking about the difference between towing vs. payload capacity, Yarmon Ford Inc. is going to help clear things up right now for you.

The payload capacity in your truck is everything you put inside the bed or the cab. This is not about pulling anything behind the truck, it is all about what weight is added on top of the frame. This makes a huge difference because the frame can support the weight easily, it is towing where the frame has to be pushed to the limits.


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Ford Escape Capability Features for 2018

People have been taking a second look at the Ford Escape now that it's the number two compact SUV in its market. Ranked highly for its performance, safety, interior comfort, and reliability, the Escape has a new design and lots of advanced tech features that make it even better than before to navigate the roads and stay comfortable. With a more spacious cabin, people have been saying that the Escape is great for families as well.

You can get a lot of acceleration and power from the Escape, despite the smaller engine in these vehicles. At the base, you…
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The Racing-Inspired Interior on the Ford Focus ST

Do you want a compact performance hatchback that has a racing-inspired interior? Why not try the Ford Focus ST? It has some pretty killer interior features that will make you feel like you can get up and go, at any time and on any day.

The racing-inspired steering wheel has a flat bottom which makes it easier to hug tight corners. And don't forget about the interior trim. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather, as well as the front seats. 

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Where will you take your Taurus?

When choosing a popular full-size sedan like the 2018 Ford Taurus, you want to make sure that it has the features needed to make full use of the power under the hood. Here are just some of the features that are available on the Taurus.

The power steering in the redesigned Taurus utilizes an electric motor instead of a hydraulic pump. What this means is that you have a steering system that’s more responsive, and can compensate for wind or uneven roads.

When you handle a curve, some of the available systems can anticipate these turns by adjusting your…

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