Two Popular Ford Fusion Energi Performance Features

When the new Ford Fusion Energi arrived here on our lot at Yarmon Ford Inc., we knew these features were part of the reason for the boost in popularity of this incredible plug-in hybrid.

In an effort to assist the driver in maintaining their lane on the road, the Ford Fusion Energi comes with the Lane-Keeping System. Activated when driving, sensors are scanning the road surface to identify the position of the car and the lane lines. If drifting were to occur, the system starts to vibrate the steering wheel to get the attention of the driver to take action.

The Pre-Collision Assist feature in the Ford Fusion Energi uses radars to scan ahead for a threat of a collision. If there is a threat of an accident, the system will begin flashing visual warnings and then assist with braking in an effort to minimize the chance of a rear-end collision.

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