Ford Escape Capability Features for 2018

People have been taking a second look at the Ford Escape now that it's the number two compact SUV in its market. Ranked highly for its performance, safety, interior comfort, and reliability, the Escape has a new design and lots of advanced tech features that make it even better than before to navigate the roads and stay comfortable. With a more spacious cabin, people have been saying that the Escape is great for families as well.

You can get a lot of acceleration and power from the Escape, despite the smaller engine in these vehicles. At the base, you'll get 168-horsepower, but that also comes with really great gas mileage as well. You can bump up the package to go with sportier options, leather seats, sunroof, and other features like all-zone automatic climate control.

Have you taken a second look at the Ford Escape today? It may be your new favorite car. Check it out at Yarmon Ford Inc. located in Paynesville, MN.




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