2019 Ford Fiesta Performance Features

One of the most popular subcompact cars on the road today is the Ford Fiesta. It is a small but mighty vehicle that comes packed to the brim with performance features. That is why our team of experienced professionals here at Yarmon Ford Inc. of Paynesville, MN are so excited about the new 2019 model!

The electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) will undoubtedly make this car one of the most fun vehicles you have ever driven. It adds an agility to the vehicle unlike anything seen in similar cars of its size. Additionally, A sport-tuned suspension ensures that you always have a smooth ride whether you're driving on a newly paved city street or a back-country road.

Finally, you'll be glad to hear that despite its small size this vehicle still kicks out an impressive 197 horsepower. This puts the stereotype to bed that all subcompact cars are slow because of their small size.

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