Seek Adventures in the 2019 Ford Ranger Truck

The 2019 Ford Ranger makes a grand reentry into the American marketplace for mid-size pickup trucks. You can check out this hard-working vehicle at Yarmon Ford Inc. in Paynesville, MN.

Under the hood, this tough pickup truck is powered by a turbocharged engine block that operates on the acclaimed EcoBoost technology. When working at threshold rates, this signature powertrain yields up to 310 pound-feet of peak torque. Despite having a relatively small displacement of 2.3 L, the I-4 engine has an impressive towing rating of 7,500 pounds. Some trims can handle a payload of just less than 2,100 pounds.

In addition to having a versatile and explosive powertrain, the 2019 Ford Ranger boasts several mechanical features that are engineered for handling hills and mountains. For example, the Terrain Management technology has multiple modes that provide maximum traction on gravel, rocks, and grass. A lockable differential also controls the torque delivery to the rear wheels.

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